Stop The Foreclosure Process

If you have been served with notice of Lis Pendens or Foreclosure notice, you must act fast to preserve your credit and stop foreclosure process. We Buy Houses cash, or take over payments to Stop Foreclosure. We can even assist in preparing your way to purchase your next home.

There are several reasons why Houses are sold on the courthouse steps and the property owner stays with a deficiency judgment against them.

First Step: You get behind on payments and the Lender or Bank starts the Foreclosure process.

Step Two: You think you can sell the house, so you put a “for sale by owner” on the front yard, or hire a Realtor. Two months later, still no closing. The buyer’s financing fell through, now what? (still time to foreclosure, we might be able to take over the payments)

Step Three: Your property is sold at the courthouse for below what you owed. You now have no property, and a deficiency judgment against you. Your credit just went from bad to worst.

Avoid all the stress and aggravation on yourself and family. Stop Foreclosure, We Buy House Cash, no financing, no stress, no aggravation. We will close on the property fast, and even give you time to find another home.

These are not times to try to get maximum price for you house, your credit and family are worth more. We don’t pay retail price, but then neither does any cash investor.

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