Damaged Houses

Selling a damaged house is not easy. Many people don’t have the time, money, energy or know-how to perform the needed house repairs.

What lender will finance a damaged property? What insurance will insure damaged Houses? Do you really think your neighbor or regular buyer, can actually close on the sale?

We Buy Damaged Houses, cash and close quick, in any condition, ugly houses, mold infected houses, bad roof, termites, fire damaged, water damaged, or just plain damaged due to normal wear and tear over the years. Because we use cash, we don’t need a lender to approve the purchase, nor do we need any insurance.

There are few recourses for Sellers of Damaged properties with, fire damage, water damage, mold, termites, bad roof, or just ugly houses.

There are even fewer buyers that can actually close the purchase on such a property. Don’t wasted time, submit the information on your property to us today!

Complete our contact form and we will contact you right away. Please be as accurate, and honest as you can so we can best serve your needs.